HiETA Technologies Ltd specialize in thermal management and light-weighting, exploiting additive manufacturing (AM) as a production and customization process.

The very high levels of 3D design freedom offered by Additive Manufacturing offers real benefits to our clients and partners including reduced lead-time and increased performance. It allows us to develop more compact and efficient product solutions than conventional manufacturing techniques.

Our expert implementation of Additive Manufacturing as a process is focused on 2 main areas: thermal management and light-weighting.

  • Thermal management: We are able to design and manufacture devices that not only outperform the competition made via conventional means (at least 6% greater effectiveness or 20% less volume) but can be tightly packaged. We can do this using a range of materials including AlSi10Mg, Inconel 625 & 718 and CM247LC.
  • Light-weighting: Topology optimisation and intelligent use of lattice structures reduces weight and can add multi-functionality across a range of products with the associated cost and performance benefits.
Hieta What We Do

Based in our bespoke Technology Centre in Bristol & Bath Science Park, our 25 specialist engineers work hard to help clients create opportunity or manage challenges or difficulties. They do this with their Additive Manufacturing expertise and their understanding of the value chain from conceptual design through to product delivery.

Much of the work HiETA do is focused on industrialization with ambitious aims to deliver significant numbers at competitive prices. We have delivered, and have projects in progress with clients in the automotive, aerospace, consumer and defence sectors and also work closely with collaborative partners within Innovate UK (IUK) initiatives. We are regularly asked to contribute to media discussions on Additive Manufacturing.

Come and see what Additive Manufacturing and HiETA can offer you during one of our Technology Centre tours or contact us to discuss how we can help you to innovate with Additive Manufacturing.