HiETA’s Vision, Mission, and Values

HiETA’s Vision, Mission, and Values play an extremely important role in how we as a company work, and what we strive to achieve.

Purpose: HiETA exists to realise energy efficiency and performance through the use of Additive Manufacturing

Vision: A Leading Additive Manufacturing Company specialist in heat management and complex light weight structures. HiETA designs mid-high volume products with a team, culture, and environment that reflects the technology: New, exciting, creative & dynamic

Mission: Product design and manufacturing readiness services from early stage design, process development, and early-stage manufacturing support to facilitate informed clients & users

Values: We always give our honest view even when it’s difficult to do and encourage others to do the same.

  • We always check the validity of activities by asking what they do for the customer
  • We listen, probe and understand first and avoid being defensive
  • We do what we promise and expect the same from everyone else
  • We demonstrate trust and respect for our colleagues at all times
  • We expect to learn, coach and mentor to develop ourselves and our colleagues