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3D or not 3D - HiETA and the New Statesman

HiETA have supported the New Statesman weekly publication's, "Manufacturing on the march", supplement published last week. In the article 3D or not 3D, Mike Adams, CEO of HiETA challenges manufacturers to look beyond utopian idealism and concentrate…
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HiETA makes The Manufacturer front page

HiETA makes the front page of The Manufacturer website and features in the next issue. Deputy Editor Victoria Fitzgerald reports on her interview with CEO Mike Adams at the official opening of the HiETA Technology Centre in February.
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"Unbeatable" - HiETA Technology Centre impresses its audience

"The new Technology Centre gives HiETA full control over the means of production. Their specialist expertise in additive manufacturing will now become unbeatable." Robin Wilson, Lead Technologist for High Value Manufacturing at Innovate UK,…
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HiETA Technical Director makes the Top 100

Drummond Hislop, HiETA's Technical Director, has made the Top 100 in The Manufacturer's prestigious Top 100 which features the "most inspiring figures in manufacturing". Drummond said, "I am very proud to make this list amongst some very good…
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HiETA Brochure available to download

To find out more about HiETA and additive manufacturing you can download our HiETA brochure. It is available in English and German. Don't forget to contact us if you have any comments or queries.
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HiETA in the news

Column inches devoted to 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing are growing by the day. Following on from Mike Adams' radio debut HiETA have made the news again. 3D Printing Industry explore the likelihood of mass production using Additive Manufacturing…
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HiETA CEO makes his radio debut discussing 3D Printing

Mike Adam's CEO of HiETA made his radio debut on BBC Bristol Radio on the 17th October 2013 on the John Darvall show. Mike spoke about the work that HiETA have been doing using 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing with regards to Heat Exchangers…