Our Technologies


HiETA has developed an extensive and unique set of technical capabilities and technologies that we think, aside from our immediate product and service offerings, have wide-reaching potential to add value to the engineering community.

High-performance thermal engineering geometries:  

Our team of skilled thermodynamic engineers have developed understanding and heat transfer surfaces capable of delivering significantly increased heat transfer coefficients with minimal pressure drop penalties. These allow us to do highly increased amounts of heat transfer in the same package as conventional technologies (or match performance in a significantly reduced volume/package/mass). While this logically aligns with the manufacture of highly compact heat exchangers, it also has uses and advantages in a huge amount of other areas, including (but not limited to) the cooling of electronic components, electric machinery, turbomachinery, combustion products, fuel cells, and many others.

Rapid and bespoke material and parameter development: 

Our highly experienced team of Materials and Applications engineers have developed methods and processes that allow them to take customer powder and develop machine parameters (either for bulk or fine features), characterise the material and get a design-usable database of material properties (static and dynamic) for use in the development of advanced AM products. This can be done very quickly (<2 months), giving customers a real competitive edge in the market. To date, we have developed materials and parameter sets for automotive, oil and gas, chemical processing and aerospace clients, across a range of material types.

Manufacture of complex, high-quality AM parts:

HiETA have developed material parameters, manufacturing facilities, operating procedures, and production management systems to allow us to produce components to a level of complexity and quality higher than the industry standard. We specialise in fine-featured, high-value components, and pride ourselves on being able to manufacture products that nobody else in the industry can. The technology that sits behind this has taken years to develop, from the handling of large data files to the control of laser systems through to powder extraction and part post-processing. This is a service and technology we can offer our customers to help you get ahead of your competitors.